Have You Eden Yet?

We can’t remember a family event that didn’t involve food or start with prayer, both for my family in Cuba and my wife’s in Venezuela. It was always amazing how our moms were buried in the kitchen the entire time we had guests, and manage to feed huge groups with some pretty incredible dishes. That wonderful tradition has been passed down to both of us, and hopefully in the future to our children.

So, if your home is like that, then you understand…
sitting around the table, eating, sharing, and laughing.

We’ve been blessed with a great family, and a passion for food and service. We hope you enjoy your visit to our home, Eden Café.

Food, Faith & Family!


About Us

Growing up every family gathering involved food and prayer, both for myself in Cuba and my wife in Venezuela. Eden Café is rooted in these traditions; gathering with loved ones, eating, sharing and laughing.


Our Menu

At Eden Café we offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. For that little extra touch, treat yourself from our wine list. We are happy to be able to serve gluten free items, which are easily identified on our menus.


Wine Room

Wine and dine exotically with our large selection of wines from around the world. Sip on a lush, velvety red or a refreshing, crisp white – or anything in between. Travel the world without leaving your table.